Welcome to Hi-Tech!

For nearly 30 years we’ve been bringing our customers the best in mobile audio, security, and entertainment. You can say that we’re mobile electronic junkies…and the line between work and play is EXTREMELY blurred for us. 

But more than our toys we’re passionate about our people. What do I mean by our people? I mean our customers of course! They’re the center of our business and always have been. Hearing our people, talking car audio with them, and finding solutions to their needs—this is truly what we live for. 

And now I invite YOU to be a part of our people. We’re aching to see the smile on your face after stepping into your car with its fresh new system. 

But remember, that’s not where it ends. There’s plenty more than just a rockin’ sound system you’ll find here. Peruse this site. Gather some info. Discover all of our specialized services. And if you’re still pressed with questions give us a call or come on down (that last one is always the winner!).